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Order Sally's piano sheet music book:

Piano Music For Discoverers (vol. 1)
(limited edition)

$64.95 RRP $49.95 (+ p/h)
(Special price direct from the composer)

A collection of 12 original compositions for piano by Australian composer Sally Greenaway.

  • Limited Edition Paperback Piano Sheet Music Book
  • 12 original pieces exploring a range of moods, from peaceful to joyful
  • Mixed difficulty, from grade 2 (early-elementary) to grade 8 (advanced)
  • 9"x12", 64 pages, section-sewn and PUR perfect bound, velvet-laminate cover

Inspiring and captivating music for solo piano - immerse yourself in a world of discovery at the piano!

Yes, I'd love a copy!


Perhaps Tomorrow
The Shepherd
Dawn of Evening
The Secret Garden
Sin Luz (without light)
Encore de Lirico
The Blue Mountains
The Mechanical Brain
The Advent of Cinema
Invention Reinvention
A New Year's Invetion
Etude in F minor

Yes, I'd love a copy!